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Integrative Counselling

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Bach Flower Remedies Sessions and Mixes

Dr. Bach believed that the source of all illness is conflict between one's higher self, which wishes to realize its full potential, and the personality (or ego) which may obstruct this realization through limiting beliefs and actions. This obstruction expresses itself through blockages which prevent the wishes of the higher self from being heard. More information about face to face and online sessions

Accredited EFT Training - face to face and Skype

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an evidence based meridian tapping technique that is used worldwide by thousands of therapists and coaches .

Learn this easy method to help your clients or your family and yourself today!

We offer AMT accredited Courses which you can take via Skype (you can start today) or in face to face trainings.



Phone number: 0416 786 096

Email: info@virtuosity.net.au

Address: 13 Bareena Drive, 3930 Mount Eliza

House visits possible in Mount Eliza area



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Read our 9 pages of testimonials from happy clients.


More information about the Counselling sessions. 


Integrative counselling is a combined approach to psychotherapy that brings together different elements of specific therapies. Integrative practitioners take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each client in all situations.

Sessions are 90 minutes long and we use a combination of traditional Counselling methods/Logotherapy/Energy modalities/NLP and Coaching. 



Download Virtuosity's free E-book about "How to know what Intuition is? Different types of depression. Spiritual depression. How to find meaning in life? Logotherapy examples for self help. Love relationships and the difference between superficial and real love. Self help exercises":



How can I protect my Soul so it does not get hurt? Free Virtuosity E-book
















































































































































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Virtuosity won the global 2014 BioMagnetic Healing with Hands Award

Read our Blog (Edeltraud Grace)

The Manual for more Joy in Life- Free download


Healing magnetism - Therapeutic Magnetism as such influences every illness (on mind, body,    spirit level) positively.

Summarised can also be said, that the following complaints and discomforts can be relieved:

For adults and children

- A generally weakened immune system.     - Disturbances of the vegetative nervous system. - Psychosomatic disturbances like migraines,        digestion problems, skin problems, allergies. -     Concrete pain on joints/back. - Emotional and      mental complaints of exhaustion/Burn-out,     feebleness and depressive states. -       With all complaints that cannot be explained with orthodox medicine/ Developmental problems/proved       beneficial for Autism/Eating Disorders/Emotional Problems in children.

More information  For information about distance healings worldwide

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Biomagnetic Healing with Hands - Therapeutic Magnetism Training

Based on detailed instructions you will learn,   how through laying on of hands in a specific    way, you can bring back order and balance       into the magnetic field of a human so that the self-regulating (self-healing) powers in the organism can function again properly.

We offer face to face one day trainings or distance trainings.



Watch introductory video



Therapeutic magnetism is an ancient method of healing and is also called mesmerism, according to it's re-discoverer, the famous German physician Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer. (1734-1815) He recognized:

"Of all the bodies of nature, the human body has the strongest effect on other humans. No living or inanimate body is able to replace it."

The charging, discharging, cleansing and ordering of the body's energy flow through therapeutic magnetism on a human being is achieved through: The laying of hands directly on or 6-10 cm above the body, streaming into the body, through systematic brushes on or above the body and through circular movements. How does Therapeutic Magnetism work in the body? Watch our video on You Tube


Healing magnetism as such influences every illness (on mind, body, spirit level) positively

Summarised can be but said, that the following complaints and discomforts can be relieved:

- A generally weakened immune system. - Disturbances of the vegetative nervous system. - Psychosomatic disturbances like migraines, digestion problems, skin problems, allergies. - Concrete pain on joints/back. - Emotional and mental complaints of exhaustion/Burn-out, feebleness and depressive states. - With all complaints that cannot be explained with orthodox medicine.

Watch one of our you tube videos to see how BioMagnetic Healing is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82LmPRW5Xdo


Magnetic energy is the elementary energy that the entire life of the organism depends on."

(Werner Heisenberg, Physicist, Nobel Prize winner 1932)

For a Biomagnetic Healing session please use our contact form with your preferred session time.

Parents Treating Children


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After three biomagnetic healing sessions my 15 year old daughter got over her anorexia for good. The psychiatrist and doctor could not help her, but therapeutic magnetism did."

(Rob Dowdell, Mornington, VIC) This review is from a father. He had received a call from his daughters school to let him know that she would not be able to attend camp, due to her anorexia. He brought her along to biomagnetic healing sessions. During treatment it was revealed that the daughter had experienced shock during her parents divorce and had developed severe anorexia. Three nerve treatments brought back her appetite and health.



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